Motivate Patients to Post Online User Reviews for Your Genius® 3D Mammography™ Offering

A card asking patients to fill out a Yelp social media response.
An interesting idea for supporting social media responses.

What's the idea?

A small, veteran-owned radiology center in Nevada was up against the big guys. How to compete? 


"I was given access to the Genius® 3D™ Platinum Program, and I started branding the material right off the bat," says Robert Sutton, the center's head of marketing. "I mounted the Sheryl Crow posters on 22-inch foam core displays—when you go in you can’t miss the Genius® brand. 


That was a start. Then, Sutton learned about Yelp and the user review site's relationship with Apple. 

How it works

If you've ever used Apple Maps, you'll know that searching for a location pulls up its Yelp page. Sutton paid to advertise on Yelp so that his company could add hours, photographs comparing 2D mammograms with Genius® 3D Mammography™ exams, and a call to action—"Reserve Now." Then he designed and printed a stack of 3"x5" cards for office staff to hand to women who leave happy after their mammograms. The cards invite patients to post a review to Yelp about how much they loved their Genius® exam.

The Outcome

Sutton is able to track responses to his ad on Yelp and says that referrals from Yelp have been robust.  

Taking it another step

If you're handing out Yelp cards, think about adding a Genius® 3D Mammography™ Exam Palm Card. It will remind your patient to schedule her next mammogram at your facility as well as educate her—and maybe her friends—about the benefits of the Genius® exam.